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Design Process

Customized Closet Design: As Unique As You Are!

You might have noticed that your standard “clothing rod and overhead shelf” closet design isn’t working for you. While there are undoubtedly some homeowners who are able to neatly store their items in a typical closet, there are countless others who really need more closet organizers to keep their storage spaces in good condition.

At Bethesda Closets, each client works with a professional closet designer to be sure that every closet we build is completely usable and individualized for the person or family who will be using it!

The Custom Closet Design Process

Your custom closet design begins with a telephone call to set up a free, in-home consultation. From there, your closet designer will show up at the appointed time to take a look at the storage space or spaces that you would like to have transformed.

During this appointment, you’ll be able to look at some of our products and past work and ask questions. Your designer will also ask you some questions about what you need to store in the area and how you would like to use the space.

At this point, we’ll begin putting together your closet designs. For each storage space that you would like to have remodeled, your designer will come up with a configuration of shelves, rods, drawers, accessories, hooks, bins, racks and so on.

Once you approve your design, you’ll receive a price quote and a timeframe estimate. When this is approved, we’ll get started on building your custom closet! We will set up an installation appointment dependent on your schedule and ours.

After your custom closet is installed, all you’ll need to do is put your items away in your newly organized closet and enjoy!

Get the process started now by picking up the phone and calling for your no-cost, no-obligation consultation appointment!