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Take Control With Closet Organizers From Bethesda Closets

Chances are great that you already have one or more clothing rods installed in your closet. You probably have a shelf as well. When you have a custom closet designed and built for you by Bethesda Closets, we integrate a variety of closet organizers to help you store your items properly. Not only does this optimize your space, but it also allows you to keep your belongings well-maintained which will make them last longer.

Closet Accessories and Organizers Chosen Just for You

We offer a wide variety of closet organizers to help you keep up with your closet organization. Here are just a few that you can choose from:

  • Shoe Racks: Avoid tripping over, stepping on and otherwise crushing your footwear! When your shoes are in a shoe rack, they’ll stay out of the way and in perfect condition.

  • Tie Racks: Sick and tired of wrinkled, wilted neckties? A tie rack is just the accessory you need to keep your ties in pristine condition between wearings.

  • Belt Racks: A belt not stored on a proper belt rack is prone to curling up on your closet floor. Not only does this make it hard to find a belt when you need one, but it also makes them more prone to breakage and cracking.

  • Jewelry Organizers: If you don’t have a place to keep valuable heirlooms or pretty costume jewelry, a lined jewelry organizer can keep your chains untangled and your earrings from getting lost.

Of course, those are just a few examples of organizers that we offer. There are others available as well, which your closet designer will discuss with you during your consultation!

Call today to get the ball rolling toward a newly organized closet! Your consultation is free, so contact us now to schedule your appointment.