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Is Your Garage Overwhelming and Disorganized?

Do you feel embarrassed at the prospect of opening your garage door? Are you afraid that your neighbors won’t look at you the same once they see how messy your garage is? Is it difficult to find the items that you need in your garage? If so, a custom garage from Bethesda Closets can help you whip this eyesore into shape!

From ceiling to floor, we have the garage organizers to get the job done. Whether you have sports equipment, gardening supplies, hand or power tools, hardware, holiday decorations or anything else cluttering up your garage, we have a storage solution that will work.

Garage Organization Products From Top to Bottom

We carry a wide variety of garage organizers in numerous finishes so that your garage is completely customized and designed especially for you! When you meet with your garage designer, he or she will go over all of the options available, based on the way you would like to use the space.

Some of the organizers and products that we can use in customizing your garage include:

  • Garage Cabinets
    Our garage cabinets are made from wood and covered in a stain-, moisture- and fade-resistant coating, making for years of use and easy maintenance. The hardware that we use is steel, so it resists rust and looks good for a long time. We mount your garage cabinets on the wall to allow for easy cleaning underneath. They come in a variety of colors and finishes.

  • Workbenches
    Do you have work to do in your garage? One of our workbenches is the perfect place to do it! Built with the same quality as our cabinets, our workbenches have smooth, flat tops in several different styles.

  • Wall-Based Storage

    We have two main types of wall-based garage organizers. They are gridwall and slatwall. While they look different, their functions are similar: A variety of bins, hooks, holders and hangers attach to the system, which lets you move your items around to suit your current and future needs. Our garage shelving also fits into the storage system, so you can adjust it as necessary as your needs change.

  • Overhead Storage

    Do you have bicycles, holiday decorations and other items that won’t fit on a shelf but that you don’t want to store on the floor? An overhead storage system opens up space that many people forget they even have!

  • Garage Flooring
    Have you ever walked into an automotive showroom and wondered how they got their floors so glossy and shiny? The answer lies in the coating. We can install a beautiful, high-shine epoxy floor coating that looks great! Even better, our epoxy garage floors are fade-, slip- and peel-resistant.

Your Custom Garage Can Begin With a Phone Call!

Call us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to get started on your custom garage. One of our garage designers will come and talk to you about how our products can meet your need for better garage organization. Call today to get the process started!