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How Did You Live Without This Laundry Organization System?

This is what you’ll be asking yourself if you decide to have a custom laundry room designed, built and installed by Bethesda Closets! Let’s face it: Laundry is the most-dreaded chore for many homeowners. It’s never-ending: The clothes get dirty, must be stain-treated, washed, dried, ironed or folded... and the cycle starts all over again.

It’s no wonder that when laundry room organization goes by the wayside, things get chaotic. If you don’t have a place to separate and store dirty laundry, you might end up with clothing, towels and sheets in piles on the floor. When laundry doesn’t get ironed or folded right away due to a lack of space, you may end up with baskets of clean clothing gathering wrinkles while they wait for some attention.

A custom laundry organization system can change the way you look at laundry from now on!

Laundry Organizers Get You on the Right Track

The typical laundry room is a small area in the home, mostly taken up by the washing machine and dryer. If you wonder how you could manage to have an organization system installed, you’re not alone!

We are experts in working with the space that you have. From laundry room shelves placed overhead to cabinets for laundry room supplies like detergent, stain sticks and the iron, we can optimize all of the space available. We can put an ironing board in the room as well as a pull-down table to make folding a cinch! And that’s only the beginning!

Call us today to schedule a free consultation appointment so we can show you how we can revolutionize the way you do your laundry.